How to color Men head hair in 5 minutes

Just For Men Original Formula Men’s Hair Color, Real Black (Pack of 3) 

  • Pack of 3 Just For Men Original Formula Real Black
  • Natural looking, full coverage of gray hairs
  • Restores original color by targeting gray hair for a natural look
  • Easy, non-drip Shampoo-In Formula
  • Works in 5 easy minutes and lasts for up to 8 weeks, or until your grey hair grows back

Buy a hair color product like the for-men hair color and apply some vaseline on the areas around the hairline like forehead and ears. Use the gloves already provided in the package. Fix both bottles and apply the content liquid on all your hair. Wait 5 minutes. Please don’t go like that in the kitchen or living room. Don’t even go near your kids or the dog they will be scared or make fun of you.

Don’t use the phone unless it is in speaker mode. I usually start taking a shower without allowing water to get on my hair. Hair cap might be useful. After 5 min you can wash your hair.